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As the nights draw in and the cold and wet weather drops our spirits, it’s even more important to take time to indulge in a warm and cosy dining experience with a loved one, friends or family. Escape the harsh outdoors and make the most of these longer evenings; feel welcomed into our tranquil dining rooms and enjoy the warm and friendly hospitality we offer here @FL. Lift your spirits with a thoughtfully prepared and presented dining experience. Indulge yourself and stay the night so you can fully recharge yourself to embrace the next winter’s day with vigour and positivity.

The lead up to Christmas can bring with it a mix of feelings and emotions. It can be as exciting as it is stressful. It’s a time to maybe let your hair down and party, but yet can also be a time of intense pressure and high expectations. 

Christmas @FL allows guests to relax, de-stress, feel no pressure and with no expectation. This gives you time to feel special, excited (should you wish!) and above all, be mindful of what is important to you at this time of year.

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